Продължете към съдържанието

Let’s talk about workplace well-being!

More and more companies are starting to see their employees as complex human beings and not just as money-making tools. As such they are investing more money and doing more research on how they can better the overall experience of people at the workplace.  This research has shown that happier and healthier employees are more productive, and show more dedication to the cause, and organization they work for.

So, how do we define ‘workplace well-being’?

It is both mental and physical. Things such as temperature, office space layout, furniture, and activity level are generally things that have an impact on the physical state. The metal well-being can be dependent on things such as levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

A new era

It is time to change your strategy. Focusing on the workplace well-being, adapting and creating a space where your employees feel comfortable sharing what they need or feel can ensure your company’s success. The high turnover and increase of sick leave can be signs that you need to adjust your corporate policy.

Where do you start from?

Corporate well-being means different things for each individual. The changes you will make will not have the same impact on everyone. Therefore, you might need to seek help from qualifies business psychologist who will assist you in creating a strategy that will benefit all. Giving your employees a psychometric test can help you adapt your strategy to the different personality types. This will help you lay the foundations for a healthier workplace environment.

Here are some ideas on what you can do for your employees:

  • Take your employees out once a month to happy hour;
  • Give a day-off on employee’s birthday;
  • Give them little prizes that they will use;
  • Encourage them to take a break now and then;
  • Dedicate a space where employees can gather and relax;
  • Once a month give your employees the opportunity to speak to a psychologist;
  • Show them that you are listening, understanding and making adaptations to accommodate their needs;
  • Provide fruits for breakfast;
  • Give them an early finish on Fridays.

So, don’t wait for the ideal time to make changes – act now!

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