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On introverts as leaders and Batman

Today we live in a society where we are made to believe that only extroverts make good leaders. Although certain personality types are more likely to be found in leadership positions this does not necessarily mean that introverted individual do not make good leaders.


Let’s take a look at Batman – closed off, quiet, prefers working alone and avoids socializing. At first glance, he seems to have qualities that most of us would not associate with successful leaders. However, it is precisely these characteristics that allow him to focus on the tasks at hand, gather a following, lead missions and repeatedly save Gotham. Even though Batman is just a fictitious character he can still serve as an example of how someone introverted can be a good leader and make a positive change. So, let’s look at some of the most popular misconceptions about introverts and their leadership abilities.


Introverts avoid social events and meeting 

While most extroverts feed on the excitement of social interactions, introverts do find them a bit exhausting. As such in terms of leadership, they tend to call fewer meetings. For them, the quality of the conversation is more important than the frequency. Therefore, the meeting that is led by an introverted leader can prove to be more efficient and productive for the organization.


Introverts have difficulties meeting new people

Similarly to the way they think about attending social events and arranging meeting introverts tend to focus on the quality over the quantity of interactions. They have fewer connections, however, in a business setting these contacts tend to be more valuable and bring more business to the company in the long run. Therefore, they focus on sustaining long term meaningful relationships with fewer people.


Introverts are not good at public speaking

Contrary to popular belief introverts are some of the best public speakers. They know that as leaders they will have to deliver speeches. As introverts are aware that they are not good at making connections with many people they tend to spend more time preparing and analyzing every detail of their speech. In many cases, this attention to detail pays off and the speaker can make a greater impact.


Introverts are not likable

Although they are more reserved when making new connections introverts do have a calming presence. They are great active listeners who use the information they acquire to build stronger relationships and build trust with the opposite party. This makes them highly respected, trusted and reliable leaders.


Coming full circle, perhaps now we have a better understanding of why characters such as Batman have such a big following. Introverts can be great leaders and their ability to create and sustain long-term meaningful relationships with employees and clients makes them a great asset for every organization. Finding a ‘Batman’ within your organization can be a difficult task. Our psychometric tools can be your searchlight. Get in touch and we will do our best to lure in your own ‘Batman’!

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