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Management Styles

Is there such a thing as ‘the best management style’?


The simple answer is no! There are different management styles that work best with a specific group of people or are best suited to a specific activity. Therefore, it is most beneficial for a company to have a diverse management style system in order to retain their staff and inspire their employees to do the best that they can.


The management style depends on the type of business, the types of team that have to be managed, the workload, personalities within the individual teams, culture, and attitude of your employees.


Here are some examples of management styles that you can implement in order to create a positive work environment!


Result-driven Management Style

When you think about this management style only one-word pops into your mind – EFFICIENCY.  This type of management is centered around delivering the finished piece as quickly as possible. The focus is on getting to the finish line without putting too much emphasis on ‘the how’.


Inspirational Management Style

This type of management method relies on having an open relationship with your employees and being honest. The more genuine and relatable the manager is the bigger the impact on the team.


Laid-back management Style

For this management approach to work effectively the manager needs to have high confidence and trust in his/ her staff. Generally, this type of management style works best for the creative type of team such as graphic design teams.

Authoritative Management Style

Direct, strict and bossy – these are the first things we think of when we think about this management style. Sometimes the chaotic environment at the workplace is very disruptive and unproductive. These types of situations call for a management style that will get the troops back in line!


Democratic Management Style

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the democratic management style where the managers generally believe in the abilities and self-discipline of their employees.


Leading by Example Management Style

Setting an example for your employees is both inspiring and motivating. Managing your team by putting yourself in their shoes will win their respect and make your employees more dedicated.


So, these were just several examples of management styles that can be implemented in your organization. However, to make the most out of each management style and team you need to have psychometric tools that will show you how to implement them and which team. Personality responds best to different management styles.


If you need any assistance putting the puzzle pieces together, don’t be shy and say hi!

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